Clocky FAQ’s  

Clocky is not running correctly.

It is best to use new US branded Lithium batteries because of size variations with other brands.  

Changing Clocky from 12-24 hour or 24-12 hour format

Clocky can bet set to a 12 or 24 hour clock.  To start 24 hour clock, press and hold the T button. If you are in 12 hour mode and in a PM hour, when you press and hold the T button, you will see a change on the screen corresponding to the 24 hour clock number.  If you are in 12 hour mode and in one of the AM hours, however, you will not see a change when you switch into 24 hour mode.  Therefore, when changing between 12 and 24 hour mode, make sure you are in one of the PM hours when pressing and holding the T button.  

Clocky’s wheels are not moving.

First, check what number the snooze time is set to.  If it’s set to 0 it will run away right when the alarm sounds, if not ,then you can snooze one time. It will run after the number of snooze minutes have passed. Second, make sure the wheels button is turned on (on face of clocky)  

Clocky’s wheels seem loose.

The wheels are made loose on purpose.  They are engineered that way so that there is give when the unit falls to the floor.  

Where can I find Clocky’s user manual?

Found HERE  

Tocky FAQ’s

Is your Tocky acting up?  

Try this first…. It is best to use new US branded Lithium batteries because of size variations with other brands.    

Short set-up videos:  


My Tocky does not seem to move.  

If you Tocky has fresh lithium batteries installed and the screen is on but the unit is still not moving, it may be in protection mode. Protection mode begins only when the battery is approaching a low state at the same time when Tocky endures a drop to the floor. During Tocky's drop to the floor, a big voltage drop can occur which can damage some internal software. In order to prevent any damage to the software, we created protection mode. In protection mode, the USB drive will not be recognized, and no sound will be heard (or read from the USB flash drive), and all recording will be disabled. However, your product will continue to roll, and will continue to show the time display.

If you remove and reinstall the same batteries, the product will not work correctly because protection mode will still be enabled (Tocky will be in the same state it was in previously). This is because the same batteries cannot give out the required voltage anymore. In order to take Tocky out of protection mode, you will need to

  1. Remove the batteries for 5 minutes
  2. Then, install brand new batteries.
  3. Press the toggle for 3 sec to reset the product

While AAA Alkaline batteries can be used, we highly recommend Lithium batteries to prolong Tocky's battery life. 

If your clock is still appearing on your desktop, and allows you to open the folder for Tocky, then follow these instructions:

In Mac OS, deleted files (no matter they are in local drive or USB flash drive) actually go to the trash but are NOT permanently removed. Although you cannot see the files but they are still there. You can fix this by emptying the trash in desktop while the TOCKY is connected with the mac. Below link is information about how mac handle deleted files in flash drive for your reference.  Link

In Windows, we suggest you make the hidden files visible in the window explorer (file manager window) so that you can check whether there is any hidden files occupying the space. If yes, you can permanently remove them by pressing "shift" + "delete".

Issues with drive not being recognized on a Mac

  1. Sometimes the drive says Tocky, but if this is an older unit, it may not say Tocky.  Is anything showing up on the computer's Finder?
  2. If the Tocky can record and playback, you may need to update the drivers on your computer to detect objects in your USB slots.
  3. Finally, make sure that the USB cable is working.  Try to switch it out for another cable as that cable may be defective. 

Where can I find Tocky's User Manual

Found HERE